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Disposables & What you need to know!

Disposables & What you need to know!

Are you a daily Disposable user?

Want to know more about the differences between regular vapes and a Disposable?

Then we have the answers for you...

Disposables are a fantastic concept for convenience but that comes at a cost. Daily use of Disposables can really have an affect of the wallet and following our advice below is not only cost effective but opens up many more options for you to explore in the vaping world.

The average Disposable Vaper uses one device per day at an average cost of £5.99.
Weekly (without promotions) that is a cost of £41.93 and yearly that is a grand total of £2012.64!!!

Whereas if you purchased a regular vape such as the Aspire Flexus Stik, the weekly cost are reduced considerably.

Coils are sold as a pack of 5 and each coil lasts around 1 week on average, also a singular 10ml bottle of e-liquid also lasts around a week on average.
So the cost breakdown works out as £6.58 per week or £316.22 per year!

Not only is a regular vape much more kinder to the pocket they are a lot more environmentally friendly to our planet as not as much plastic from disposable ends up in land fill sites.

According to a joint investigation by the Bureau, Sky News and the Daily Telegraph "Users in the UK are throwing away around two disposable vapes every second. The number of discarded disposable vapes accounts for around 10 tonnes of lithium being sent to landfill or waste incinerators each year - enough of the metal to make batteries for 1,200 electric cars. Disposable vapes also pose a potential serious risk when not recycled, as the lithium-ion batteries can start fires when crushed in a waste truck or at a waste-processing plant."

"We can't be throwing these materials away, it really is madness in a climate emergency," said Mark Miodownik, professor of materials and society at University College London.

To read more from Sky News & The Bureau of Investigative Journalism;

The inside of a disposable
The insides of a Disposable Vape.

Luckily at RNV we offer a FREE Disposable recycling service in both stores. Simply bring in your used up disposable devices and we will make sure they are dismantled and disposed of and recycled properly.

If you want to kick the disposables and change over to a regular vape then head into one of our stores and we are more than happy to help & advise you further.

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