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All Twitter Offices Close!

All Twitter Offices Close!

Twitter has told employees that the company's office buildings will be temporarily closed, with immediate effect.
(According to BBC)

In a message seen by BBC the offices will reopen Monday 21st November.

Hundreds of Twitter employees have reportedly resigned to due Elon Musks ultimatum, Employees were given a deadline on Thursday to either resign or continue work but under 'Long hours at high intensity' or leave.

But according to Elons Twitter account posted late Thursday Evening he is not worried about the employees leaving as 'The best people are staying'.

This incedent follows many Twitter Employees resigning due to Elon axing Remote Working.

In the same article from the BBC

Another person said they had resigned even though they had been prepared to work long hours.

"I didn't want to work for someone who threatened us over email multiple times about only 'exceptional tweeps should work here' when I was already working 60-70 hours weekly," they said.

In another controversial move, Mr Musk has also since made it so Twitter's "verified" accounts, signified by a white tick against a blue background, can be purchased.

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BBC News

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