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Quad Battery Mods

Welcome to the pinnacle of vaping power with our Quad Battery Mods collection!

These devices are designed for the most dedicated and experienced vapers who are looking for an abundance of power and battery life. If you're a cloud chaser or someone who values a long-lasting vaping experience, our quad battery mods are the ultimate choice to take it to the next level.

What are quad battery Mods?

Quad battery mods are high-powered vaping devices that operate on four batteries. These mods push the boundaries of what's possible with a vaping device in terms of power output and battery life. Due to the multiple batteries, these mods are generally larger and heavier than the rest of the battery mods (single, double, and triple).

What are the benefits of quad battery Mods?

  • Maximum power: They can reach very high wattages, suitable for extreme cloud chasers.
  • Unmatched battery life: Even heavier vapers may struggle to drain the device in a single day due to the four powerful batteries.
  • Advanced features: They often come with features such as temperature control, variable wattage settings, and highly customisable vaping modes.
  • Consistent high performance: Maintain a high power output consistently, even when battery levels begin to diminish.

What is the battery life of the quad battery mods?

As expected with four batteries, these mods provide an exceptionally long battery life. They can last multiple days depending on your vaping habits, device settings, and the capacity of the batteries used.

Suitable for:

  • experienced vapers familiar with battery safety and mod handling
  • users who need long battery life between charges
  • vapers who want high wattage for dense vapour production
  • users who don’t mind a heavier, larger device

(Quad battery mods are not recommended for beginners or casual vapers. These devices require a sound understanding of battery safety, ohm's law, and how to properly manage device settings for safe use.)