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China officially bans Fruit flavourings

China officially bans Fruit flavourings

China has joined other countries in the ban of domestic sales of flavoured vaping products from October 1st. This is to be said the first instance of vaping regulations in China.

China had already banned the Online Sale of Vaping products a few years back in 2019.

Although exports will still go ahead but sources have stated that the products must comply with the destinations regulations and if there is no specific regulations in place then the products must meet the Chinese regulations.

According to The ban is long in coming and investors anticipated the change. Relx, which as of 2020 commanded 70% of China’s pod vape market, has lost over 95% of its stock value since its debut on NYSE in January 2021. Shares of Smoore, a major manufacturer of vaping devices based out of Relx’s home city of Shenzhen, are down 90% since hitting an all-time high in January 2021.

How this effects the worldwide market depends on how Chinese regulators enforce the new laws and regulations.

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