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Mods Dual Battery

Welcome to our Dual Battery Mods section- a perfect blend of performance and portability.

Enjoy more power and extended vaping sessions with our Dual Battery Mods collection. Perfect for users who crave more battery life and increased wattage capabilities, these mods deliver exactly what you need! Discover the freedom to vape for longer durations without compromising the features that matter most to you.

What are dual battery Mods?

Dual battery mods are vaping devices that operate on two replaceable batteries. They often provide more power and longer battery life compared to single battery mods. Due to the increased power output, dual battery mods are popular among sub-ohm and experienced vapers who require sustained high-wattage vaping. Dual battery mods can be slightly larger due to the extra battery compartment but offer longer vaping sessions before needing a recharge.

What are the benefits of dual battery Mods?

  • With two batteries, these mods can reach higher wattage levels, suitable for sub-ohm vaping or for those who prefer a warmer vape experience.
  • Enjoy longer vaping sessions thanks to the extended battery life
  • They often come with advanced features like temperature control and adjustable power settings, offering a more flexible and customisable experience.
  • Having two batteries can improve the device’s voltage stability, offering a consistent vape quality even when the battery level starts to decrease.

Please be aware that dual battery mods are usually more suitable for experienced vapers and may not be the best choice for beginners.

What is the battery life of the dual battery mods?

The battery life of dual battery mods depends on factors like the capacity of the batteries used (mAh rating), the power setting of the device (wattage), and how frequently the device is used. Typically, under moderate to heavy use, a dual battery mod can last anywhere from a full day to several days before needing a recharge or battery swap.

Popular dual battery mods: