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High lead and Nickel found in Illegal Vapes!

High lead and Nickel found in Illegal Vapes!


Vapes confiscated from school pupils contain high levels of lead, nickel and chromium, BBC News has found.

Used disposable vapes confiscated from pupils at Baxter College in Kidderminster were sent to a lab to be tested and the results shown that children using them could be inhaling more than twitch the daily safe amount of Lead, and Nine times the safe amount of Nickel.

According to the BBC News report by Hugh Pym and Lucy Watkinson states that "High levels of lead exposure in children can affect the central nervous system and brain development, according to the World Health Organization."

During the BBC News report The Inter Scientific lab in Liverpool that works directly with Vape Companies to ensure the UK Standards are met analysed a total of 18 vapes, it was stated most were illegal and had not gone through the regulatory standard testing before ending up on shelves in the UK. According to Lab Co-Founder David Lawson in his 15 years of testing vapes for the UK Market he had not seen any traces of lead before this testing experiment and stated;

"None of these should be on the market - they break all the rules on permitted levels of metal."

"They are the worst set of results I've ever seen."

In these brightly coloured Disposable vapes - the amounts of the metals found were:

  • Lead - 12 micrograms per gram, 2.4 times the stipulated safe exposure level
  • Nickel - 9.6 times safe levels
  • Chromium - 6.6 times safe levels

Children getting their hands on these types of devices seems to be a nationwide issue, with our first store being located in Sedgley only a stone throw away from Dormston School, we have many teachers who are customers of ours have stated that they have drawers full of confiscated disposable vapes and this seems to be a daily occurrence.

This pandemic of teenage vaping is extremely damaging to our industry due to many teenagers being seen in the area vaping after school and this affects local vape shops due to the general public seeing children vaping and assume that its the vape shop selling them to children when in fact all reputable vape shops pride themselves on practicing the Challenge 25 No ID No Sale policy.

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