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Disposables BANNED from Glastonbury Festival

Disposables BANNED from Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Bans Disposables
Glastonbury Festival officials add Disposable Single Use Vapes to the list of 'What not to bring'

Glastonbury Festival is not just an event but a British Cultural experience of music, good time and a plethora of great memories dating way back into the 1960's. What ever type of music you are into there will be something that gets you moving.

Along with the good times that are had at Glastonbury Festival comes with heaps of litter that has be cleaned up including Disposable E-Cigarettes.
One volunteer states that a few years back it was cigarette butts but now its just a "Sea of Bars"

At this years event that happened last month (July 2023) Glastonbury Festival Officials added Disposable Single Use E-Cigarettes to their extensive list of "What not to bring" along side glass bottles, knives and many other items. The new addition reads "Do not bring disposable vapes. They pollute the environment and can be hazardous at waste centres”. In 2022, disposable vapes could be purchased on-site. But this change of policy stems from wanting to protect the environment.

The lithium batteries inside disposable vapes makes them very hard to recycle and they present a hazard during the waste disposal process.

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