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Disposable Vapes VS Rechargable Vape Kits! The SHOWDOWN!

Disposable Vapes VS Rechargable Vape Kits! The SHOWDOWN!

Disposable Vapes VS Rechargeable Vape Kits! 
Who will come out on top?

Disposable E-Cigarettes have taken the Vape industry by storm but are they better or worse than a traditional rechargeable vape kit?

Firstly we must understand what both devices are…

A Disposable vape such as Elf Bars, Crystal Bars, Elux Bars are just a few brands that are household names and are exactly what they say on the box… Disposable. You simply purchase a Disposable Vape unpackage it from the box and foil, remove any rubber bungs or security stickers and puff away, after a day or so of use (based on a 600 puff device) either the coil will burn out or the battery will die, and you dispose of it.

Last but not least, Rechargeable Vape Kits are a refillable, rechargeable, and reusable kit that varies from very basic starter kits to more advanced devices with different bells and whistles such as variable wattage, little display screens etc. Simply purchase a kit for example the Voopoo Argus P1 as (shown in the image above) unpackage it from the box, take off any film protectors, fill up your E-Liquid in the little pod and pop it back into the device and puff away, once the coil has burnt out replace with a new pod and is completely rechargeable via USB type C.

Now with the breakdown of what both devices are is done, lets look into the pro’s and con’s of each device…

Lets start with Disposable Vapes.


- These little devices are slimline, no filling or recharging so are very convenient

- ZERO maintenance involved

- Many have fantastic flavouring as they are prefilled from the factory with sweetened/over flavoured e-liquid


- Expensive! As we discussed above these devices last on standard 1-2 days on average at a cost of around £4.99 and above depending on brand can become a very expensive way of vaping if used on the regular.

- Some can be faulty from the get-go; we have seen many disposables purchased be DOA from the packaging.

- ZERO adjustment, you basically get what you get so you cannot cater your vape to your liking unlike rechargeable vapes where you can get different resistance coils, airflow control etc.

- This is probably the most important one of them all, BAD FOR THE ENVIROMENT! Disposables fill landfill waste. It is estimated that 1.3 million disposable vapes end up in landfill per week. Which is seriously harmful to our planet as disposable vapes contain lithium batteries and lithium is a very rare resource of our planet and not disposing of these properly is affecting the planet.


Now let’s move on to Rechargeable Vapes.


- Many different styles, sizes and cosmetic designs.

- Customer aftercare from the manufacturers of these devices is fantastic, if you have a fault or issue most manufacturers will be more then happy to either assist or replace the device at no cost to you

- WAY CHEAPER! The average spend of a disposable vaper spends around £1900 per year on disposables, whereas a rechargeable, refillable vape user spends on average £360 per year on just coils/pods and e-liquid.

- Functionality is a big one, many devices have a variety of different resistance coils to suit your style of vaping whether you want a more powerful or smoother hit also many have air flow control so if you would prefer a looser draw or a tighter draw its as simple as turning a ring on the base of the tank or sliding a valve.

- A HUGE selection of flavours is available for your liking.

- E-Liquid companies are now manufacturing e-liquids that replicate the flavour of disposables such as Salt Bar, Bar Juice and Riot Squads Bar EDTN that can be purchased in a bottle form to fill your pod/tanks.


- Initial cost, getting started with a kit can vary from as cheap as £20-£40 for a basic starter kit but once a kit is purchased the after costs for e-liquid and coils/pods are significantly lower.

- Maintenance, now there is a small amount of maintenance that comes with owning a rechargeable vape kit such as you may get a small amount of condensation under your pod but a quick wipe with some tissue and you're good to go. Also changing, refilling the pods/coil and charging your device can become tiresome but it is worth the hassle for the money you will save.

Final thoughts...

As you can see there are pros and cons to both devices. As a company we always edge people to pick up a rechargeable vape kit as opposed to a disposable, as it is more cost effective in the long run. Allows you to cater your vape to your own vaping needs and make it a lot more personal to you and make sure that your vape experience is a positive one! To help you kick the cigs and make your journey into a healthier alternative as well as reducing the eco damage by doing our bit to reduce the amount of disposables that end up in landfill.

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