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Cigarettes could be wiped out by 2030!

Cigarettes could be wiped out by 2030!

According to the sales of cigarettes could be banned in the UK if labour win the next general election to improve public health and ease stress and pressure on the NHS.

Actions towards smoking traditional cigarettes have already been taken as a new law was introduced to raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes every year. This means anyone born after 2008 will never be able to buy cigarettes.

Due to the smoking habits of the public this causes huge costs to the NHS every year so with these new measures this will save huge costs towards the NHS as much as £2.4 Billion plus £1.4 Billion for social care. Wes Streeting the Health Secretary stated that Labour may discuss measures to take in banning cigarettes including New Zealand style gradual ban.

How do you think this will affect the vaping industry in the long run?
Do you agree with these new law changes?

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