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XTAR VC2SL Charger

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The XTAR VC2 SL is an updated and upgraded version of their previous 2 bay battery chargers now with improved charging performance, built in protection capabilities whilst in use and also now USB Type C input. 

Additional features compared to the standard VC2S:

  • Optional charge rate (2A*1/1A*2/0.5A*2)
  • 5V=2.1A
  • Upgraded colour VA LCD screen
  • Charge devices such as phone, tablet etc. 
  • Internal Resistance Detection
  • USB output voltage and current

Features of all VC series:

This charger will effectively auto-adjust the charging current based on the cells chemistry and condition. You may find that cells are also charged at 0.5A initially and then increased to 1A/2A mid way through the charge. This is a safety feature to prolong the life of the cell. A mAh readout function allows you to inspect the current condition of fully charged cells. 

 Compatible sizes and additional features

  • C-type USB cable
  • 18350/18500/18650/20700/21700/26650 Li-Ion IMR/INR/ICR/NCR
  • Can charge protected 20700/21700 batteries
  • Each charging channel is independent
  • Identify bad batteries and notify users
  • Suitable for IMR batteries and Button/Flat Batteries
  • Overcharge Protection
  • Fireproof ABS casing

Package Contents:

  • 1 x VC2SL Charger
  • 1 x C-type USB Cable
  • 1 x XTAR Warranty Card

Safety Tips:

  • Never leave a charger unattended overnight, and never in direct sunlight. 
  • Never use your charger to store cells. When cells are finished charging, please remove them from the device.