Juicy Peach Ice Salt Bar 3X Standard

Juicy Peach Ice Salt Bar

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The perfect sweet peach combined with the fresh aftertaste of ice, designed to bring the best punchy peach vaping experience. 

Produced in the UK to the highest standards, Salt Bar e-liquid is available in a 50/50 consistency designed to be used with starter kits. Coming in a variety of strengths and the optional choice of adding extra ice. They are designed to be the next step in flavour options when moving from disposables to a refillable kit. Or if you enjoy some of the flavours they have on offer this is the perfect alternative. 

3x Standard Shots (20MG) for 10mg Nicotine Salt

2x Standard (20MG) and 1 Ice (20MG) for Extra Cold 10mg Nicotine Salt


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