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ElfBar AF5000 Disposable Vape


A new innovation from Elf Bar who are well known for their range of disposable vapes, have brought out a new device the AF5000 prefilled kit. 

Using a 10ml reservoir of liquid that is inserted into the device before use, it will automatically refill the tank inside the device during use ensuring your tank is always full and ready to go!  With a rating of up to 5000 puffs before the liquid has ran out it is a new avenue for disposable vaping whilst being TPD Compliant. 

Available in a range of popular Elf Bar flavours these are a great device for fans of disposables who are looking for an appropriate way to get the most out of their vape without breaking regulations. 

With a type c charging port to allow for recharging and a 10ml bottle feeding a 2ml tank the AF5000 will be able to keep you going for longer. 

All Elfbar AF5000 are 20mg in strength.