Coils By Scott

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Coils By Scott, are a handmade selection of coils designed for use with Rebuildable Tanks and Drippers. 

Available in a variety of different build styles, wraps and resistances. 

Fused Clapton - 2x28/38ga N80 0.4Ω Dual 0.8Ω Single 10Wrap 3mm I.D. 

Fralien (Framed Alien) - 6x.4 28/36ga N80 0.09Ω Dual 0.18Ω Single 5Wrap 3mm I.D 

Alien Clapton - 3x30/38 N80 0.35Ω Dual 0.7Ω Single 7Wrap 3mm I.D 

Alien Clapton 3x30/38 N80 0.34Ω Dual 0.68Ω Single 6Wrap 3.5mm I.D 

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