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Caliburn X


The Caliburn X from Uwell is one of the most advanced Caliburn's to date. A larger device to its predecessors now featuring a 850mAh battery and a screen to display all the relevant information during use. 

Using the popular range of Caliburn coils the X is designed to give you an accurate mouth to lung experience whilst vaping with an adjustable airflow slider which can give you the ability to adjust the airflow to your preference. The transparent panels on the side of the device allow you to see how much liquid is left in the tank without you having to remove it to check the levels and a snap top to refill, making refilling an easy thing to do. 

The screen whilst in use allows you to check the wattage you have the device set to, the battery level left in the device, a puff counter, and some other relevant information. The button on the front of the device also functions for a variety of operations, including the on/ off, locking/unlocking, puff clearing, wattage adjustment and also the firing of the kit but it can also do auto inhale. 

Made for durable materials the Caliburn is a comfortable to hold kit and is easily able to be part of your daily carry and is an excellent kit. With a excellent reputation in the industry a Caliburn is a firm choice for someone new to vaping or someone who wants a reliable and easy to use kit. 

Included in the Box: 

- Caliburn X 

- Caliburn 0.8Ω Mesh Coil 

- Caliburn 1.2Ω Mesh Coil 

- Type C Charging Cable 

- User Manual and Warranty Card