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Blackcurrant Menthol Salt Bar


Blackcurrant Menthol

A strong fruity Blackcurrant accompanied with tones of Menthol and a hint of Aniseed. 

Produced in the UK to the highest standards, Vape Favourites 50ml e-liquid is available in a 50/50 consistency designed to be used with starter kits. Coming in a variety of strengths and the optional choice of adding extra ice. They are designed to be the next step in flavour options when moving from disposables to a refillable kit. Or if you enjoy some of the flavours they have on offer this is the perfect alternative. 

This bottle is designed for the addition of 3 x Nicotine Salt Shots to achieve your desired nicotine strength

3 x 20mg Nic Salt Shot = 10mg
2 x 20mg Nic Salt Shot, 1 x 0mg Nic Free Shot = 6mg
1 x  20mg Nic Salt Shot, 2 x 0mg Nic Free Shot = 3mg
3 x 0mg Nic Salt Shot = Nicotine Free

(If ordering online place a note with your order regarding the strength of the liquid that is desired)