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Ghost Inhale

Are you ready to master a new vaping technique that will leave your friends in awe? Ghost Inhale is one of the simpler yet pretty cool techniques that you can learn. But if you've never heard of this trick, keep reading to find out what it is and let us guide you with a step-by-step guide, along with some tips for complete beginners. So, grab your vape device and prepare to unleash your inner vape artist!

What Is a Ghost Inhale?

A Ghost Inhale, also known as a ghost hit, is a visually enticing vaping trick achieved by exhaling a dense cloud of vapour and swiftly inhaling it back in. This creates the illusion of a ghostly apparition materialising before your eyes.

This trick is quite simple but requires precision and control, which means it takes some practice before you can become a master. While practising, we would recommend you to use an e-liquid with zero to low nicotine content to prevent inhaling too much nicotine.

Ghost Inhale: Step-By-Step Guide

Now that you understand what the ghost inhale is, let's talk about how to do it. Here are a few steps to follow:

Step 1: Take a deep drag from your vape device and hold the vapour in your mouth without inhaling into your lungs. If you inhale the vapour into your lungs, it reduces the density of vapour.

Step 2: Hold the vapour in your mouth for about 3-4 seconds. This allows the vapour to slightly cool down, making it denser and easier to manipulate. And try not to cough.

Step 3: Shape your mouth into an "O" shape. You do not need to blow out O's but the shape of your mouth will help you create a ball of vapour.

Step 4: Slowly exhale the ball-shaped cloud of smoke from your mouth to create “the ghost”. The best way is to let the vapour flow out of your mouth rather than forcing it out by exhaling. This will help the vapour to maintain density and keep its ball-shaped form.

Step 5: Inhale the vapour back into your mouth to complete the trick and make it look like the ghost flies back in. It's the cherry on top of the ghost inhale. You can choose to perform this last step quickly and inhale it back faster to make it look like the “ghost” flies back in.

And voilà! You have successfully executed the Ghost Inhale. Practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if it takes a few tries to master this impressive vaping trick. But remember, safety first: always vape responsibly and be mindful of your surroundings when performing tricks. And don't forget to have fun!

Tips for Beginners

If you are completely new to this technique, we have few tips for you:

  • Opt for a device that allows for good vapour production, such as a sub-ohm tank or a box mod with adjustable settings, but be careful while using them as they are more suitable for experienced vapers.
  • Choose coils with a lower resistance, as they heat up faster and produce more vapour compared to higher resistance coils.
  • Select an e-liquid with a higher VG ratio. VG (Vegetable Glycerin) produces denser clouds of vapour, which are essential for visual tricks like the Ghost Inhale.
  • Increase the airflow on your device. This will allow you to produce more vapour.
  • Practise your exhale to create dense clouds before attempting to inhale it back. Control the speed and direction of your breath to guide the vapour back into your mouth effectively.
  • Perform the Ghost Inhale in a well-ventilated area as vaping indoors may lead to excessive cloud accumulation.

Difference between Ghost Inhale and French Inhale

The Ghost Inhale and French Inhale are two popular vaping techniques that showcase the creativity and skill of vapers. While similar in style, there are some key differences that set them apart.

While the Ghost Inhale involves exhaling a dense cloud of vapour and inhaling it back into your mouth swiftly, the French Inhale involves exhaling vapour out of your mouth and inhaling it back through your nose simultaneously. This creates a cascading effect as the vapour flows from your mouth to your nostrils, giving the illusion of a reverse waterfall. The French Inhale requires coordination between your mouth and nose to create a seamless transition of vapour between the two.


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    What Are the Side Effects of Ghost Vaping?

    Some of the side effects of ghost inhale can include dry mouth, coughing, slight throat irritation, or dizziness. To avoid experiencing these side effects, avoid inhaling too much nicotine and take breaks.

    How to Avoid Coughing while Performing Ghost Inhale?

    To avoid coughing, take slow and controlled draws from your vape. Avoid inhaling too quickly, as this can irritate your throat, which leads to coughing.

    Do I Need a Specific Type of Device to Do the Ghost Inhale?

    While it's recommended to use a vape device that produces good vapour clouds, such as a sub-ohm tank or box mod, you can still practise the Ghost Inhale with any other device. The key is to master the exhalation and inhalation techniques to create the desired effect, regardless of the device used.

    Is the Ghost Inhale Safe?

    When done responsibly and in a well-ventilated area, it is a safe vaping trick to perform. Practise in a controlled environment to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience, and don't forget to take breaks.

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