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Automatic Battery

Ready to enhance your vaping knowledge and find out more about the batteries hiding in your device? Then let's explore what an automatic battery is, understand the difference between automatic and manual vape batteries, learn about their lifespan, and let us share some tips to prolong the battery life. We'll also guide newcomers and experienced vapers alike on how to choose the right wattage for an optimal vaping sensation. So, stay with us to unlock the secrets to a superior vaping journey with Rhythm N Vape.

What Is an Automatic Vape Battery?

An automatic battery is a type of battery used in vaping devices; it activates the heating element without the need for a button. It possesses a pressure sensor which can detect the moment you start vaping, instantly triggering the activation of the battery and causing the device to heat and vaporise the e-liquid.

What Is the Difference between Automatic and Manual Vape Batteries?

The main difference between these two types of batteries is in the way they are activated. 

Automatic Vape Batteries are activated by a sensor, causing the device to heat up and vaporise the e-liquid when the user inhales. This brings a very similar experience to smoking a traditional cigarette, making it user-friendly, especially for beginners. 


  • Easy to use
  • Resembles traditional smoking of a cigarette
  • No need to press a button
  • Often requires shorter charging


  • Less control over puff duration
  • May cause delays between puffing and inhaling the vapour

Manual Vape Batteries feature a button that needs to be pushed while inhaling. This gives vapers more control, as they can pre-heat the e-liquid before inhaling as well as control the length and intensity of their puffs.


  •  More control over how much you vape
  • Typically has more power to produce a better “throat hit”
  •  Lower risk of unintentional activation
  • It can last longer due to larger size


  • Requires you to press a button while inhaling
  • Less suitable for beginners
  • Longer charging times

What Is the Lifespan of an Automatic Battery?

The lifespan of an automatic battery can vary depending on many factors. However, regular maintenance and proper charging practices can prolong its life. On average, these batteries can last anywhere from several months to a year, or occasionally even longer, depending on a variety of factors such as:

  • Frequency of use
  • Power settings (higher power settings tend to drain the battery quicker)
  • Device maintenance
  • Quality of device
  • Charging practices (overcharging and deep discharging can shorten the battery lifespan)

5 Tips to Maximise the Life of Your Vape Batteries:

Maximising the lifespan of your vape batteries not only ensures you get the most usage out of them, but it also saves you money in the long run. Here are some essential tips to help you preserve them:

TIP Number 1

Like most batteries, infrequent use can lead to a decrease in overall battery life. Using your vape regularly can help maintain its longevity.

TIP Number 2

Charging your battery beyond 100% can worsen its lifespan. We recommend removing it  from the charger once it's fully recharged. 

TIP Number 3

Store your batteries in a cool and dry place when they are not currently being used. Extreme temperatures can affect their performance and lifespan. 

TIP Number 4

Regularly letting your battery to deplete completely before recharging can shorten its life. Therefore, we recommend that you start charging your battery when the level falls to approximately 20-30%.

TIP Number 5

Make sure to always use the charger provided with the device, or a reputable brand. An inappropriate charger could cause damage to the battery over time.

Selecting the Right Battery Wattage

Choosing the right wattage for your vape can significantly improve a variety of factors from the amount of vapour produced to the intensity of the ‘throat hit’. However, the ideal wattage depends on individual preference and the level of your vaping experience. Here are a few guidelines that can help decide. 

For beginners: Lower wattages between 10W to 40W are usually enough. This wattage range typically pairs with 'mouth-to-lung' tanks and offers a similar draw style to traditional smoking. 

For advanced users: Experienced vapers who enjoy bigger clouds or 'direct-to-lung' vaping may prefer higher wattages. These typically range between 50W and 80W or more.

Most of the mods on the market offer a range of wattage options, with some vaping pens and small mods providing fixed wattages, while more advanced mods allow the user to adjust the wattage to their liking. 

Common Wattage Options Include

Low wattage devices (1W-20W) are typically pod systems and e-cigarettes perfect for nicotine salts and high nicotine e-liquids.

Medium wattage devices (20W-50W) are ideal for single coil setups and mouth-to-lung vaping. They are suitable for freebase nicotine and lower nicotine e-liquids.

High wattage devices (50W and above) are used with sub-ohm tanks and rebuildable atomisers. These are perfect for high VG e-liquids and aimed more towards direct-to-lung vapers.

Ask the Expert! Sam – Your Trusted Vape Connoisseur

Introducing our resident professional vape expert, Sam – a seasoned connoisseur and owner of Rhythm N Vape with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for all things vaping. Sam is here to be your go-to guide, answering your questions, offering tailored advice, and sharing insider tips to elevate your vaping experience.

How Often Should I Charge My Battery?

Ideally, you should charge your vape battery when it's low, but before it completely depletes. Regular, partial charges can extend the overall lifespan of the battery. 

What Type of Battery Is in Vapes?

Most vapes use Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)or Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries due to their high energy density, rechargeability, and longevity. These are also commonly used in many other small electronics.

What Is an Auto Draw Battery?

Vape batteries without buttons that are activated by inhaling are also known as inhale activated batteries, or “auto-draw” batteries. When you draw, a sensor activates the heating element, vaporising the e-liquid.

Do Normal Batteries Work in Vapes?

Normal, everyday batteries like AA or AAA are not suitable for vapes. Vapes require specific rechargeable batteries that deliver the right power output for the device.

How Can I Reach Out to Sam for Personalised Vaping Advice?

Feel free to submit your questions to 

I hope that helps and if you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them! Get in touch today! Sam. 

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