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Adjustable Airflow

Do you want to elevate your vaping experience to a whole new level? Want to tailor the amount of vapour, its temperature, and the draw resistance of your e-cigarette? With adjustable airflow, your vaping style is no longer restrained by your device. Whether you're a regular vaper or a weekend cloud chaser, it caters to everyone's style. Let's find out how to tailor your vape and dance to your own rhythm with Rhythm N Vape!

What Is Adjustable Airflow?

Adjustable airflow, as the name suggests, is a feature that allows you to control the air intake when you take a puff on your e-cigarette or vaping device. It's a great way to customise your vape, getting it just right. It's all about controlling the volume of air that flows through your vape tank. 

What Vapes Have Adjustable Airflow?

Fortunately, there are many vaping tanks and devices, equipped with this nifty feature. But where should you start? Allow us to introduce you to a few devices, known for their adjustable airflow feature, that might be worth checking out.

Let's start with tanks:

  • GeekVape Z Max Tank is perfectly designed to deliver amazing flavour and thick vape clouds. This tank features a top-to-side airflow system, allowing you to adjust it based on your preferences.
  • Freemax Fireluke 3 Tank is a popular option for those seeking refreshing flavours, massive clouds, and coil longevity. You can simply adjust the airflow to your liking and enjoy.
  • Uwell Valyrian 3 Tank allows you to have diverse vaping options thanks to its adjustable airflow ring.
  • Voopoo MAAT Tank is designed to give you great DTL vaping experience by offering you an adjustable airflow switch.

Moving onto devices, you should definitely take a look at these:

  • iJoy Captain 2 Kit is an updated version of the original iJoy Captain and also offers adjustable airflow for better vaping experience.
  • Aspire Zelos X Kit is a perfect device that comes equipped with the adjustable airflow feature to refine the draw based on the user's preference.
  • Voopoo Drag H40 is a small compact kit capable of Mouth-to-Lung or Restricted Direct-to-Lung Vaping styles. It also features an adjustable airflow option to further tune your preference.

Why Should You Adjust Airflow?

Having the ability to control airflow on your vaping device allows you to find your perfect balance between vapour production, temperature, flavour strength, and draw resistance. 

Here's a small breakdown for you. Want a smoother, effortless draw? Open up that airflow! This will give you a larger amount of vapour and cloudier hits, perfect for cloud-chasers. Or, do you prefer a tighter, cigarette-like draw? Simply restrict the airflow to achieve a warmer draw coupled with rich flavours of your e-liquid.

How to Adjust Airflow on a Vepe?

Adjusting the airflow on your vapes is not rocket science. It’s mainly about what feels right for you. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you find the sweet spot:

    1. Locate the Airflow Control: On most vapes, the airflow control is a ring located around the base of the tank. It has an adjustment band with air holes of varying sizes.

    2. Adjust the Airflow: Rotate the control ring or slide the switch to open or close the air holes.

    3. Take a Test Puff: After adjusting the airflow, take a puff to see how it feels. 

    4. Readjust if Necessary: If you find the draw too tight or too loose, or the vapour too warm or cool, simply adjust again until it’s exactly to your liking.

    5. Flavour & Cloud Check: Once you’re comfortable with the draw resistance and temperature, check the flavour intensity and vapour production. If you're happy with all of these factors, then you've found your ideal setting! 

    Remember, the method of adjusting airflow can vary depending on your specific device. Always refer to the device’s user manual for the best advice, and don't rush it. The goal is to adjust it gradually until you find the perfect balance.

    Ask the Expert! Sam – Your Trusted Vape Connoisseur

    Introducing our resident professional vape expert, Sam – a seasoned connoisseur and owner of Rhythm N Vape with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for all things vaping. Sam is here to be your go-to guide, answering your questions, offering tailored advice, and sharing insider tips to elevate your vaping experience.

    Is More Airflow Better for Vaping?

    Whether more airflow is better or not depends entirely on your personal preference. More airflow provides a cooler vape, less intense flavour and larger vapour clouds, ideal for direct-to-lung vapers. Just try different options to find what suits you the best.

    Why Does My Vape Feel Tight?

    Your vape can feel tight if the airflow is excessively restricted or blocked. This can resemble the sensation of smoking a traditional cigarette and is preferred by mouth-to-lung vapers.

    How Do I Adjust the Airflow on My Device?

    Adjusting the airflow on your device is pretty straightforward. Simply find the airflow control (usually a ring or switch around the tank), and turn or slide it to open or close the air holes until you find your ideal level.

    How Can I Reach Out to Sam for Personalised Vaping Advice?

    Feel free to submit your questions to 

    I hope that helps and if you have any more questions I would be happy to answer them! Get in touch today! Sam. 

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