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Vape Enforcement Squads to take action in new £3million action!

Vape Enforcement Squads to take action in new £3million action!

Express and Star Vape Crackdown

Vape Enforcement Squads will be rolling out around the country visiting Vape Shops, Corner Stores & anywhere that sells vapes.

This is all to combat the illegal sale of e-cigarettes to under-18s & confiscate any illegal vapes and disposables that are currently on the market. These Vape Enforcement Squads are led by Trading Standards who will communicate with local councils and regional networks to share information on potential illegal sales.

What makes a vape illegal?
Any vape that contains nicotine must be of 2ml in capacity and 20mg or less in strength. Anything bigger in capacity or stronger in strength is not TPD Compliant (Government testing & certification) and is not legal for sale on the UK market.

Is Under-18s vaping that much of a problem?
In short, Yes. Many children can be seen on a daily basis chuffing on a 3500+ puff disposable vape not knowing what strength it actually is or how strong they are. Here at Rhythm N Vape we have turned away many customers trying to purchase Disposables for their children and educating them that the nicotine strength contained in them is the highest you can legally purchase in the UK. Many are shocked by this and thank us for educating them on the matter since many Under-18s pick up a vape cause its "cool" or down to peer pressure but essentially causing them to develop a severe nicotine addiction when they didn't smoke in the first place.

What can I do to make sure I buy legitimate vapes?
To keep it simple only buy from reputable specialist vape shops, there are many around and can be vetted by searching the shop on either Google Reviews or TrustPilot or even ask a friend who vapes where they purchase their devices and e-liquids from.

Rhythm N Vapes Opinion on this topic?
We welcome this new plan to crack down on illegal sales with open arms as we pride ourselves on making sure anyone who walks through the door receives a catered service to them and to be fully educated on what they are purchasing.
These illegal sales serious damage the reputation of the vape industry as a whole and also the independent stores, from the public eye if they see a under-18 walking around puffing on a vape in the area of your shop they will assume its from you so it also damages the reputation of the local business'.
We have many signs and posters in both our Sedgley and Wolverhampton store stating we do not sell to under-18s, so if you do visit don't take it personally, its the law.


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