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Event Review on The Vaper Expo UK 2024: A Vaping Wonderland in Birmingham

In the heart of Birmingham, from the 10th to the 12th of May, vapers from all around the world gathered for an unforgettable experience at The Vaper Expo UK 2024. Considered as the largest vaping event across Europe, it's no wonder why this expo is a must-attend for industry players worldwide every year.

With an impressive lineup of over 300 exhibitors showcasing 500+ brands, the event was a melting pot of innovation and creativity. From manufacturers to distributors, the event brought together the crème de la crème of the vaping world under one roof.

The expo's magnetic energy drew in vape enthusiasts, eager to connect with like-minded individuals and try the latest products, e-liquids, and cutting-edge equipment. The atmosphere buzzed with excitement as attendees immersed themselves in a world of vaping excellence, making memories that will last a lifetime.

People walking around a vaping expo, there is a cloud of smoke around them

Looking Back at the All-Star Lineup at The Vaper Expo UK 2024

Let's turn the spotlight on some of the stellar exhibitors that graced The Vaper Expo UK 2024 with their innovative products and passion for vaping. With an amazing lineup of brands and offerings, these exhibitors truly shone at the event.


The image shows Vaporesso Logo

VAPORESSO proudly introduced the world to DELICIU, a groundbreaking new e-liquid brand that redefines the essence of vaping. On May 10th, attendees witnessed the debut of DELICIU, setting a new standard for innovation, reliability, and style in the industry.

Crafted by the expert team responsible for VAPORESSO's renowned XROS series, DELICIU underwent meticulous testing to ensure compatibility with the XROS range. By prioritising coil-friendliness, DELICIU's pioneering formula eliminates the dreaded burnt taste, guaranteeing a prolonged and smoother vaping experience.

VAPORESSO also introduced their new XROS 4 and XROS 4 mini that now promises 30% more aroma, an extended lifespan, and a 15% increase in vapour production! Featuring customizable output modes and airflow control, the XROS 4 series places personalised vaping experiences at the forefront, empowering users to tailor their vape to suit their preferences with precision and ease. We love the sound of that!


Image of Hangsen logo

During The Vaper Expo, Hangsen stole the spotlight with the launch of their upgraded "European E-Liquid OEM Solution". This revamped offering included a diverse range of over 60 new flavours tailored specifically for the European market, coupled with vaping technology designed to meet the region's unique requirements.

Visitors who explored Hangsen's booth had the exclusive opportunity to delve into a comprehensive solution that encompassed everything from product development, supply chain management, logistics services, testing and analysis, to product and brand design, along with strict adherence to regulatory standards. Hangsen left no stone unturned, providing a holistic approach to support every aspect of the vaping industry.


Image of Sikary logo

Sikary captivated attendees with their much-anticipated product launch. The highlight of their exhibit was the grand unveiling of the SIKARY S600 that quickly became the hot new device in the UK vaping scene.

As part of their engaging participation, Sikary treated visitors to an exhilarating Carousel Raffle activity, offering lucky winners the chance to snag a Sikary vape for FREE! This interactive event attracted a crowd eager to test their luck and walk away with a prize in the form of the new Sikary S600 device.

Guests also had the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with Sikary products, getting a firsthand feel of their exceptional performance and comfort. The Sikary team delivered insightful product presentations and usage instructions, ensuring that visitors left their booth not only impressed but well-informed.


Image of Maskking logo

Maskking came to The Vaper Expo UK 2024 with big plans to shake up the vaping world. They showed off their new Nomi Air and Omio X devices and a bunch of other cool products like Roki, Ceemo, Ucee, Lenox, and Xtro. Through each product, they wanted to show their commitment to innovation, quality, and a user-centric approach.

They also wanted to highlight their latest features that make vaping even better! They introduced their new coil oil separation technology that keeps flavours fresh, plus the upgraded mesh coils that give you a super satisfying vape every time. It's all about making vapers happy!

Taking part in the Vaper Expo was not only to show off their new products - they also wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate their commitment to shaping the future of the vaping industry and delivering innovative ideas into the vaping community.

Eco Vape

Image of Eco Vape logo

Eco Vape stole the show at The Vaper Expo UK 2024, flaunting their incredible products from the BEAR Pro MAX range. The spotlight was on their high-performance Pro MAX salts and their 10,000 puff vape pod kits that left attendees in awe.

Not only did visitors get to feast their eyes on Eco Vape's offerings but they could also snap up these fantastic products right on the spot. The Eco Vape booth offered a hands-on experience for attendees to witness the exceptional quality and innovation embodied in BEAR Pro MAX products.

For Eco Vape, the vape expo served as a golden opportunity to showcase the hottest trends, educate visitors on their products, and enjoy the lively community vibes that make these events truly special.

Final Thoughts

At The Vaper Expo UK 2024, the air was buzzing with excitement as well-known brands and industry names came together to showcase their latest products and cutting-edge innovations. The event was a melting pot of creativity and expertise, offering attendees the chance to explore new brands, sample exciting products, and connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for vaping. The vibrant atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for discovering the future of vaping and forging new connections within the community.

As we bid farewell to The Vaper Expo UK 2024, don't let the excitement fade! Stay tuned for upcoming events that promise even more opportunities to discover new brands, explore innovative products, and immerse yourself in the vibrant world of vaping.

At Rhythm N Vape, we are dedicated to keeping you in the loop with the latest updates from the dynamic vaping world. Our priority is to bring you the best products that cater to your vaping needs and preferences. Whether you're exploring new flavours or seeking top-notch equipment, we've got you covered.

Feel free to reach out to us ( ) anytime you have questions or need assistance - our team is here to ensure your vaping journey is smooth and satisfying.

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