Asmodus Galatek RDA

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The Galatek is the result of our long quest to design the ultimate in flavor chasing RDAs while not making any compromises when it comes to ease of use or performance. We've noticed a trend in the realm of flavor-oriented atomizers in the form of them becoming increasingly low-profile which often results in a constricted build area, making getting a good quality build installed harder and increasing the chances of the coils touching the walls of the top cap and shorting out. Our solution to this comes in the form of our unique graveyard deck, which features a two-post design with two terminal holes on each post, and side-mounted hex screws used to secure the coils. This allows for a quicker installation of builds to be performed because of the elimination of the finicky process of lining the leads up so they are not crossed , and due to the nature of the graveyard deck, trimming your leads is required before they are installed, as they will be buried inside the deck when secured. The airflow takes the form of two adjustable bottom airflow slots that feed into airflow inlets that direct the incoming air along the length of the bottom of the coils to produce a warm, flavorful vapor. This tasty, mouthwatering vapor is concentrated by the conical top cap condensing it, producing a richer flavor. Externally, the Galatek features a unique look due to the metal cage that sits sandwiched between the drip tip and top cap. This wasn't just a design choice made based on aesthetics, but our design philosophy of function over form. The cage helps to absorb and dissipate the excess heat generated by the compact form of the Galatek by providing a greater amount of total surface area that comes in to contact with the room temperature air surrounding it. Included with each Galatek is a unique 810 drip tip, two Oni prebuilt fused claptons, a set of spare O-rings, two replacement hex screws, and a squonk pin that makes the Galatek bottom feed compatible.

Product Specifications: Diameter: 24mm Height: 29mm (including drip tip) Constructed from high quality 304 Stainless steel PEEK insulators Unique space saving graveyard deck Four terminal holes Flavor condensing top cap Two graveyard posts with 2mm post holes Removable 810 wide bore drip tip Included squonk pin Dual adjustable bottom airflow inlets 510 connection Included 1x asMODus Galatek RDA 2x Replacement hex nuts 1x Squonk pin 1x Set replacement O-rings 2x Fused clapton coils (2x26|40g NI80) 1x Allen key tool

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