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Nighthaunt Lady Olynder

Sold out

Take command of the mourning bride, the unrequited Queen, The Veiled Lady and Mortarch of Grief. Manifest in her Despair and Gloom given Form. The Lady Olynder is bound by all the sorrows and anguishes of her realm. 

With her Mind-crippling waves of pure desolation and a powerful Melancholic aura surrounding her. The gravitation depression of her presence overwhelms any mortal in her vicinity, only the strongest willed mortals can withstand the heavy gloom surrounding her. Many will-less mortals fall to their knees whilst mentally battered by their utter hopelessness. Her potent sorrow causes a mother to forsake her child, a fighter to lay down his sword and accept the inevitable, to stop a beating heart!

 This miniature certainly captures the bleakness contained in her aura of absolute misery, hovering over the battlefield in a ghastly bridal dress and veil though little can be seen of the hideous hag behind her veil apart from the outline of her skull.

Her torn and ruined bridal train flows behind her as she glides softly over her fallen and weakened foes, covering the ground she spreads an infection of grave-roses with her presence that wrap around her waste and take form as part of her wedding garment.

Wielding the Staff of Midnight, an ornate stave topped with a polished gemstone of vitrified grave-sand.

Accompanied by the macabre Banshee Handmaidens, Horrifying skull faced specters. 

his model comes as 23 components, and is supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round base.