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Age Of Sigmar: Paints and Tools.

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The Age Of Sigmar Paints and Tools Kit allows you to get prepared to build and paint your models and the kit provides you with the basics to begin your journey. Whether it to be Stormcast Eternals or the Kruleboyz Orruks this kit will help you get the essential colours ready to use. 

The Paints included in the box:

1x Corax White
1x Abaddon Black
1x Averland Sunset
1x Leadbelcher
1x Kantor Blue
1x Mephiston Red
1x Rhinox Hide
1x Retributor Armour
1x Orruk Flesh
1x Bugman's Glow
1x Steel Legion Drab
1x Stirland Mud
1x Agrax Earthshade

This box also includes the following tools:

- 1x Citadel Starter Brush
- 1x Citadel Starter Set Clippers
- 1x Mouldline Scraper